Over 75% Of Europeans Satisfied With Online Shopping Experience

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As many as 76% of European consumers are happy with the experience they get when shopping online, however many would prefer more control over shipping and delivery options.

The findings are from a study jointly conducted by comScore, an internet analytics company, and UPS, a shipment and logistics bussiness. The research garnered opinions from 14,000 online shoppers in six European countries, including the UK, as well as North America, Asia and Australia.

In Europe, 76% of consumers find their online shopping experience satisfactory, compared to 83% in the US and 50% in the Asia Pacific region. The lack of flexibility around delivery and returns emerged as the key area of online shopping that requires improvement on a global scale. The availability of websites in Europe in the local or preferred language scored highly in the report, at 73%, and international payment and delivery options pleased 63% of Europeans.

The report showed that by creating a mobile app, consumers are less likely to resort to comparison shopping, particularly in Europe.

Despite an increase in willingness from global consumers to engage with brands through social media channels, just 45% of European respondents connect with retailers by liking their brand on Facebook. Customers from Europe are more likely to embrace omni-channel options and nearly four in five of them would rather approach retailers through mobile or digital platforms such as mobile, tablet, or desktop PC.

Well over half (61%) of European online shoppers also agree that more convenient return policies would encourage them to shop more with a retailer and 59% would recommend the brand to a friend.