Londoners Spend More Time & Cash Online Than Rest Of UK

UK Advertising Tech Market

Fresh figures from website customer tracker Qubit highlight Londoners’ love of shopping, not only on the high street but in virtual retailers as well. According to the findings, people living in the capital spend more than twice the amount on every online purchase made compared to the rest of the UK.

Qubit has found that a typical Londoner pays £268 per order, far above the £100.23 paid by online shoppers in other parts of the country. Londoners also tend to be more decisive when shopping online and are far more likely to go directly to the website they need than non-Londoners, who spend more time researching what they are looking for.

Although London residents like to spend more time online, they also seem to be much more careful when deciding what to purchase. This is evident from the slightly lower conversion rate in the capital, which was pegged at 2.07% against a non-London average of 2.32%.

The study further suggested that Londoners were much more likely to be seen shopping during their lunch hour than people outside the capital, where the daily shopping peak was two hours previously.

The ability to identify the differences in the behaviour of shoppers across the country can make a huge difference to conversions and sales, Qubit’s chief executive Graham Cooke commented. For instance, retailers that have mastered the power of geographic analytics could target non-Londoners with money-off deals to stimulate them to buy, or use same-day delivery and other convenience-focussed options as incentives for big-spending Londoners, he said.