Over 50% Of Marketing Emails Opened Via Smartphone

AUK on smartphone brand consumers

More than 50% of businesses in Britain report that their email marketing campaigns are predominately opened on smartphones, indicating that consumers are increasingly shifting to mobile devices, according to the 8th annual Email Marketing Industry Census survey, conducted by Econcultancy and Adestra.

The report looked at the type and the amount of email marketing messages created and sent by businesses. It also examined the way their strategies are executed, the problems that have an impact on the sector, the methods used to optimise email for mobile and how effective an email strategy is compared to other channels.

The poll found that 39% of UK businesses consider their email campaign ‘basic’, while 22% say that they don’t have one. Furthermore, only 5% of companies say their mobile email strategy is ‘very advanced’, while 12% noted their current campaign is ‘quite advanced’.

Among the businesses that have no mobile email project in place, over 52% said they had adjusted their email design to have a more straightforward template in order to work well with any device, while 39% said they had adopted a responsive email template for their mobile email initiatives.

Despite research indicating mobile is increasingly overtaking other digital channels and how companies need to put their mobile strategies first, just 8% of businesses said they are implementing this approach.

Agencies are also adopting such tactics when optimising for mobile; adapting email was cited by 51% of agencies and 41% said their clients prefer a mobile responsive email template.