To Win Millennials Hearts, You Need To Get Personal

Millennial target audience

Millennials are the most desired demographic to engage with for many marketers and advertisers, but in order to win their hearts and loyalty you need the right tactic. While trying to capture their attention through the latest channels, remember that Millennials typically look for a meaningful relationship with a brand.

Millennials’ extreme desire to get personal with brands was highlighted in a recent study by SDL, which suggested that marketers are failing to resonate with consumers on a personal level, as they continue to target them with traditional techniques. The results from the study revealed that 60% of consumers would be happy if brands they like engage with them not for the sake of making a purchase, but to greet them for their birthday, for example. This means that for marketers it’s essential to think of social media not as a pure sales channel, but rather as an outlet where they can increase engagement and build brand awareness.

Paige O’Neill, chief marketing officer at SDL, believes that there is a major change taking place in the way today’s consumers decide to engage with brands, which explains the irrelevance of traditional marketing methods. Millennials seek relevant, valuable and non-promotional interactions that have the potential to turn them into true advocates of brands. Marketers need to adapt their strategies accordingly by gradually shifting their focus away from a campaign-centred approach towards one focused on the consumer experience, O’Neill said. It is essential for brands to “get real” and consider social media as a way of engaging consumers and build awareness without selling in the traditional sense.