4G Encourages Users To Shop From Their Smartphone

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Over two thirds of 4G users feel that faster access to the Internet increases the likelihood of them completing more purchases from their smartphone, reveals a recent survey by eDigitalResearch and IMRG, conducted among 2,000 consumers.

The results suggest that 4G users are more engaged with online and digital retail than 3G smartphone users. For example, 54% of 4G users say they have bought an item online from their mobile device, compared to only 32% of non-4G smartphone owners. Also, 70% of 4G users have researched retail websites from their device, compared to just 48% of older technology users.

Users of 4G also seem more inclined to use mobile sites or apps as their first port of call when shopping and browsing – 11% of them say they do so, compared to only 2% of non-4G smartphone users. Also, the number of 4G users is growing rapidly, with 19% of consumers reportedly having a 4G device, up from 9% a year ago.

There is also growing awareness as to what 4G actually is – 31% of respondents feel the technology has more advantages than disadvantages, compared to only 11% who have not heard of it before and are worried the introduction of 4G will mean expensive phone contracts and higher data fees. Over two thirds (69%) of respondents also claim they are familiar with 4G and have used it before.

According to eDigitalResearch commercial director Derek Eccleston, the UK is relatively slow to embrace 4G compared to other nations, but at the same time the survey results suggest that the technology is likely to have a significant material impact on Britons’ shopping and browsing behaviour.