Generation Z: The Tech-Savvy Generation Of The Future

Gen Z Consumer Audience

Generation Z are the newest consumers set to heavily influence the marketing industry in the future, Marketing Magazine reports. This generation were born with technology as a normal extension of everyday life, and many are still in school and younger than Google. Gen Z are aged between five and 19 and were born from 1995 to 2009.

In the past, parents fretted over how much television their children watched – with this generation, however, a number of different pieces of technology, including tablets and smartphones, are widely available and used on a daily basis.

According to research from BabyCentre, over three-quarters of parents to this generation believe their children are currently exposed to too much technology, and 89% impose time restraints on how long their child is allowed to use such devices. But with the increasing prominence of such technology, more than 75% of Gen Z youngsters are considering making technology their livelihood and becoming a technological entrepreneur.

Marketers should be aware of the huge influence that technology has on this generation; but should also be aware of the potential backlash from concerned parents. Creative director for EMEA at Fitch, Alasdair Lennox, notes that Gen Z will view permanently connected devices as a normal part of everyday life, just as Gen Y considers electricity in the home as essential.

A number of marketers view technology as enabling for people of this generation, but a number of parents are concerned with the shortening attention span of their children – which has been backed by research, thus presenting an issue to brands looking to connect with this demographic. The future of brands looking to interact with Gen Z lies in creating a two-way relationship with them, encouraging them to communicate directly.