71% Of Marketers Motivated By ‘Interesting Work’

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According to a recent poll which focused on a number of professions by recruitment consultant Robert Walters, marketers tend to put a lot of pressure on their own contribution to a company and are mainly influenced to work hard if presented with interesting tasks, Marketing Week reports. The poll questioned 1,150 professionals from 14 professions; 144 of these individuals were marketers.

Just below three-quarters of the marketers polled (71%) claimed ‘interesting work’ was their key motivator, followed by HR which was cited by 54%. This was followed by 52% of marketing respondents who said that pay was a key motivator; those involved in project management and the financial services were more money-focussed, with 74% and 62% selecting pay as a key motivator, respectively.

Confidence was also high amongst the marketing profession, with 93% of those in the industry firmly believing that their contribution makes a positive impact to the bottom line of a company. This counters the widely held belief from others that marketers need to define their work more clearly in terms of how it compliments overall business strategies. The second most confident profession were those in procurement and sales, with 90% happy with their contribution.

However, despite having confidence in their abilities, 65% of marketers tend to change jobs every three years – second came those in IT, with 52% seeking motivation from new positions. Marketers also tend to work fewer hours than other professions, with 21% stating they worked more than 50 hours a week, compared to 55% of project managers – the profession that came first in terms of the average number of hours worked.