Content Marketing World Conference Takeaways

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The Content Marketing world conference very recently drew to a close, featuring over 2,500 marketing delegates from over 50 countries, reports – making it the largest content marketing event in the world. Christine Oneto, writing for Ragan, covered the event and listed the top key takeaways from the event.

Firstly, she reports that brands need to begin focussing on creating attachment between the business and consumer – or vice versa. Creating an emotional connection between the customer and the brand is set to be a huge driving influence in the future – but also psychologically, as emotions are generated by the same part of the brain in charge of decision making; consumers must therefore be targeted emotionally by brands when and where they make their decisions about whether or not to make a purchase.

Secondly, storytelling should be a skill marketers look to improve upon, as it feeds directly into larger business strategies. Marketing has developed into not just telling the consumer a story, but relaying to them the vision of the company. Storytelling can explain the brand’s vision and thus promote it on multiple platforms in creative ways.

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, marketers and brands need to be aware of the ever evolving nature of their industry – marketing in particular – and always looks to move with the times. Robert Rose, the chief strategist at CMI, spoke at the event and said that those looking to be successful in the marketing sector need to be “alchemists” and drive their own changes. Professionals need to show that “the customer is heard” and businesses “have empathy for how they feel.”