Google To Offer More Insights Into Shopper Behaviour & Media Consumption


By expanding its Consumer Barometer tool, Google will be able to offer marketers and other professionals more insights into consumer behaviour towards – and interactions with – online media, The Drum reports. The barometer tool has been available for four years, but this newly available design will make it simpler for professionals to switch between mobile and desktop, as well as provide more insights from a larger data pool.

The barometer will now gather information from 150,000 consumers from 46 countries. Professionals were previously only able to access data from 3,000 respondents from 25 countries – this new expansion will allow industry experts to customise and segment the data into specific markets in a bid to offer more insights into consumer habits in a number of sectors, such as mobile, video and online shopping.

The different forms of information available include how often individuals go online, how many connected devices they use, how much people are influenced by online video when it comes to shopping habits, how many people research and purchase online and the different behaviours of various generations when online. All of this information will be downloadable by professionals into useful reports.

The agency sales director for Google, Peter Cory, noted that the expansion to the barometer tool was developed to help marketers better understand which channels and activities are the most effective – something that is particularly useful for industry experts dealing with a number of different markets and products. He claims the new expansion “captures a vast array of new consumer research and enables anyone to easily explore how consumers are behaving in this brave new digital world.”