5,000 Different Devices Used To Access The Web

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New research from Netbiscuits has found that in the third quarter of 2014, consumers used in excess of 5,000 different devices to access the web, The Drum reports. The information comes from the Netbiscuits Web Trends report which gathered data from Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics, utilising a sample base of around one billion page impressions every month.

The Q3 2014 report found that there had been an increase of 23% in the number of unique devices being used compared to Q2, with the Apple iPhone 5S accounting for 13% of all traffic. The top five devices being used represented 39% of the total traffic – a decrease from the 46% they represented in Q2.

In terms of the tablet devices being used, Android accounted for over two thirds of the global traffic for these devices and it is predicted that they will overtake iOS as the leading operating system in tablets by March 2015. At that point Android will reach 51% of the device base.

There was also an increase in the use of phablets, which accounted for 14% of all web traffic from these style of devices. This uptake was biggest in the markets where the device is used as the first point of access to the internet – especially in Asia.

The chief executive of Netbiscuits, Daniel Weisbeck, stated that: “The rise of more varied devices presents both a problem and an opportunity for marketers, it means that more care is needed to identify bounce and conversion differences by device type, as experiences vary tremendously.”

He concluded by saying that “the days of focusing on simply the top five devices accessing your website are gone.”