Creating A Tech-Life Balance

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A recent survey by Crucial asked 1,000 individuals in America aged between 18 and 65 about how they use technology and how it impacts their life, and found that 25% became stressed if they went for more than 30 minutes without checking their connected devices, Warc reports.

Despite a number of American’s involved in the study believing they had a healthy tech-life balance, the need to check their connected devices so often stemmed from a fear of missing out on something.

Of the male respondents, 75% believed they maintained a stable balance between the two, yet 84% also admitted to checking a mobile device at particularly inappropriate moments, such as at a funeral, at a play, whilst driving or at the cinema. A further 20% stated that they would rather live for a week without a car than without technology, whilst 16% would rather give up showering.

Women, on the other hand, were more likely to feel guilty about the amount of time they spent using their connected devices. In fact, nearly two thirds felt a sense of trepidation regarding the future of verbal communication when considering the increasing role of tech in people’s lives, and over one third were worried about people’s posture from constantly looking down at a screen.

Millennials were found to be the most connected demographic from the survey – but, they were not necessarily happy about it. More than three in ten millennials said they yearned for a time when people were not constantly connected – a figure higher than any other age group questioned. This could be due to the fact that 33% of millennials have had a fight with a partner due to technology.