66% of Marketers to Invest more in Tech in 2015

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Around two-thirds of marketers questioned in a survey by Marketing Land said that they plan to spend more on marketing technology in the upcoming year. The survey polled 182 marketing professionals from both B2B and B2C businesses.

The survey asked “Do you anticipate spending more, less or the same on marketing technology in the coming year?” and the results revealed that 37% of those asked anticipated spending between 1% and 25% more. After this, 18% of respondents said they expected to spend 26%-50% more and 10% predicted spending 51%+ more. Just over a quarter thought they would spend the same amount, and only 3% thought they’d spend less.

Other questions in the survey covered the use of data in the industry and how its use in the last 12 months had impacted decision making. It was found that a massive 76% of respondents believed data regarding their digital performance had made “much more” or “more” of an impact on their decision making, indicating the need for higher investment in marketing technologies as we increasingly depend on data for more informed insights.

Commenting on the huge influence data has had on marketers, Conductor released a statement claiming: “From content to SEO to social, data serves as the foundation for everything. It measures tactics, identifies opportunity and exposes trends.”

Finally, the survey also gauged respondent’s opinions on the importance of support from various departments across an organisation for digital marketing. The results showed that nearly two-thirds of the marketers questioned thought departmental support was “very important” and 25% found it “important.” Only 2% said it wasn’t important.