Top Marketing Strategies For Improving Email Reach & Engagement

Email marketing

Over 260 members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) were questioned recently on their use of email in overall marketing strategies, and asked what strategies they believe have the most impact on their email marketing efforts, Marketing Charts reports.

In the study, conducted by the DMA and Adobe, it was found that the majority of email marketing specialists felt that technology which allows a 360-degree view of how customers and brands interact with each other in the online landscape was the most important strategy, as cited by 72%.

The next most popular strategy for improving email marketing was testing new email campaigns – cited by 68% of those questioned, followed by having the ability to share email content across numerous channels in a seamless manner (67%).

Turning back to the role of technology and how it can be used to improve email marketing strategies, tech that provides real-time insights from all the different channels was also classed as important according to 64% of respondents, and goes to show how technology can, in the opinion of these marketers, make a dramatic difference to email campaigns.

Email was found to be part of the overall marketing strategy for 64% of respondents, but it was not the key channel driving such strategies – with just over one third of marketers calling email “the central means of communication for our cross-channel marketing strategy.”

When it comes to the integration of email with other marketing activities, it was found that less than 50% of marketers use data gathered from other channels to inform their overall strategies – and only 54% co-ordinate their email messages with messages sent from other channels.