New iProspect Survey

Search Marketing Survey

Search Marketing and Display Advertising share close ties. We’ve always known this to be the case, but to date it has been very difficult to quantify the collective uplift that the two have on response and ultimately sales.

Nearly half of Internet users who respond to display advertising eventually conduct a search related to the ad they viewed, according to a new study from iProspect.

The study found search engine marketing and display advertising have a closer relationship than many marketers have thought. The study shows that Internet users initially respond to the medium as follows: 31percent responds by directly clicking on an ad; 27 percent respond by searching for a product or brand on a search engine; 21 percent respond by typing the company Web address into their browser and visiting the website; and 9 percent respond by using social media. Overall, 52 percent of Internet users actively respond to display advertising.

It’s worth reviewing the article on WebPro news. AgencyUK will be hosting a group discussion about this topic on LinkedIn in the coming weeks. Find out more here.