Is this “IT” for Google? Say hello to Wolframalpha.

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Following a recent demo of what could be the biggest revolution in search, and biggest threat to Google, in recent years.

A man called Stephen Wolfram has developed a new type of search engine titled Wolfram Alpha. It is described as a “computational knowledge engine.” We’d say it’s a “find” engine rather than a “search” engine. Essentially it is a huge electronic brain that can answer real world questions. It is unlike search engines in that it calculates answers from everything we know as a society, as long as it is available online.

It is early days but we were blown away by what we saw – it’s a huge leap forward in terms of search functionality.  Wolfram launches in a couple of weeks’ time and so far the implications for advertisers are unclear. Wolfram has no advertising model so far but there’s no doubt it will come. Key to our interest is always the traffic it will generate. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping a close eye.

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