Over 30% of mums buy a Smartphone after they give birth

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I saw an interesting report today claiming that British mums have less time for media but spend more time and money online than they did before the birth.

The report is issued by one of the leading pregnancy and parenting websites, BabyCentre, and indicates that during pregnancy and in the early stages of parenting, mothers are more likely to shop online. For instance, they are about 50% more likely to buy a camcorder in the first half of their babies’ life and nearly twice as likely to purchase goods online in the second half of the first year.

According to the report, parenting adds approximately seven hours of duties per day for UK mums and this leads to a decrease of media use by over two hours. Apparently, these duties do not interfere with the time they spend online, as almost half of the polled mothers said that they used the Internet more often than before. This may be explained by the fact that the Web provides quicker solutions and instant access to information.

Social media is also important for UK mums. Almost one in two use it for direct word-of-mouth recommendations on products and 52% tell fellow-mums about deals they have seen.

More than one third of the respondents have bought a smartphone after becoming mums. Over half of them own a smartphone, one in four have a BlackBerry and 39% own an iPhone. Also, more than one third of them have been impressed by an ad they have seen on their mobile phone.