Brands need Chemistry not Creativity

Brand Creative
AUK on branding chemistry for consumer interaction

In a world where big ideas are deemed less important than a 0.1% increase in customer journey conversions, creative agencies are working hard to justify their clients continued support.

As a believer that creative ideas change the world and mathematicians make it go round, I am wondering if the small world of marketing is becoming less about creativity and more about chemistry.

Marketers have been selling the idea of having a relationship with our customers for over a decade, and all it has come down to is understanding what people want and when, then proving it.

The growth of social media, and the subsequent birth of social commerce will be less about getting noticed, creating relevant abruption or generating cut through in busy media spaces. We’re about to see a world where brands evolve like people, and commerce is about finding a partner.

So what does this mean for advertising agencies, creative teams and the way organisations take their products to market?

I believe it will lie in the subjectivity of your brands good looks, the condition of your reputation, and the enticement of your dialogue. Brands will have to get customers to fall for them emotionally and rationally. Brands will have to go on the pull.

Of course the market analysts will hark on about customer segmentation, target audience splits, and consideration of purchase, depending on the product and the price. But the truth of it is that from this point on, most of it will probably be down to chemistry.