UK brands see Social Media as more cost effective

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a necessary tool for businesses from various sectors of industry to attract new clients, according to most experts. This opinion seems to be backed by a recent survey from law firm DLA Piper, which suggests that two-thirds of the brands encourage their employees to use social media for work.

These results may point to executives´ conviction that the social media are beneficial for business, but not few of them remain preoccupied with security issues. This may be the reason why one in four respondents say they have a company policy for dealing with social media at work and one in three employers is worried that the company’s reputation may be hurt by information leaks.

The survey polled over 330 companies and staff members, and not surprisingly, Facebook is their first choice, with 86% having a company profile there. The main reason for opting for Facebook instead of any other social network platform is its huge fan base, which provides businesses with opportunities for advertising to a wide audience.

Experts recommend social media marketing for three main reasons: it is cost effective, companies have control over the messages they send to the public and it is an excellent way to establish good rapport within the company.