54% of men shop every two days

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I came across an interesting survey, which may overthrow the previously held belief that men are not into shopping. Actually, new research from the independent research agency Shoppercentric shows that 54% of men shop every couple of days.

When it comes to online research on products, men are even more likely to do it, with 54% of them spending half an hour online, browsing between one and five pages, compared to 47% of women.

However, quite stereotypically, the survey finds that 49% of men like to shop only if they know what exactly they are going to buy, compared to just 38% of women. In addition, when in a shop, men try to get out as quickly as possible. They are also less likely to wait long queues and shop in crowded places, compared to women.

Perhaps surprisingly, men spend more money to impress a partner – an average of GBP391, compared to GBP191 on average for women. This trend is also true for special occasions. For example, 14% of men spend more that GBP200 on a partner’s birthday present, whereas only 4% of women do so.

Young male shoppers, aged 18 to 24, seem to regard shopping as a social experience and tend to be even more impulsive on spending than women. Overall, just about 12% of men across all age groups agree that shopping is a pleasant way to socialise.