Cyber Monday 5th Dec when online retail will peak

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Christmas shopping in the UK will peak in the evening of 5th December. The prediction is made by Amazon and is based on the company’s previous experience with the so-called Cyber Monday – the first Monday in December, which traditionally marks the start of the Christmas season shopping spree and is considered the busiest day for e-commerce, with the most intense traffic. Sales are also predicted to reach high levels on 12th December, with customers buying last-minute Christmas gifts.

Last year, registered 2.3m orders on Cyber Monday, 6th December. Every day of the week, starting on Cyber Monday, is expected to be characterised by increased shopping activity, due to the rise in consumers’ use of mobile Internet, according to Amazon’s data.

Amazon has already prepared a list of items that would make a popular purchase choice. Thanks to its Wish List feature, the retail giant collected data from consumers on what they would most want to get for Christmas. According to the Wish List, the most desired item is a Kindle e-reader.

Meanwhile, the latest GB Consumer Confidence Survey revealed a slight rise in consumer confidence in the third quarter of the year, compared to the second, which suggests that consumers are getting more comfortable with the economic situation. However, 86% of respondents believe that the UK is currently in a state of recession and three quarters do not expect positive changes over the next year.