Faberge in search of exposure

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Faberge Luxury Brand Advertising Goods

Luxury jewellery manufacturer Faberge is launching its first ever advertising campaign. It is the beginning of a creative modern era for the brand, a spokesperson has announced.

The ads are shot in a dramatic style and focus on jewels from Faberge’s latest high jewellery collections, Les Fabuleuses de Faberge and Les Saisons Russes, as well as the worldwide famous egg pendant collections, Les Fameux de Faberge and Les Favorites de Faberge.

Mario Testino, a highly prominent fashion photographer, shot the ads, which feature a Russian-Lithuanian model, Bee Gee, representing the embodiment of Faberge in the 21st century and bridging the gap between the East and the West and the past and the present.

The campaign will kick off in December, with ads appearing in selected print media in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

Faberge is going to open a store in the UK after setting up small boutiques all over Europe earlier this year. The previous brand store in Bond Street was closed back in 1925. The company is currently owned by mining sector investment company Pallinghurst Resources, which in turn acquired it from Unilever.