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According to a survey from comScore, UK mums are among the most enthusiastic online shoppers in Europe, while British consumers in general spend the most time online, compared to those elsewhere on the continent.

UK mothers, defined in the study as females aged 25 or older, having at least one child under 18, are 82% more likely than an average shopper to visit retail sites that sell toys. This category scores the highest index of visits in this consumer group. Other sites that British mums frequently visit are those retailing flowers, gifts, fragrances and cosmetics.

The study gives insight into Internet usage in 49 European markets, reporting individually on 18 of them. It also found out that 376.6m people went online in October, with each of them spending almost 28 hours online on average. However, UK consumers have been found to be the most engaged Internet users, with 37.5 hours spent online, more than any other country in the survey. An average British user visits 3,510 pages per month, compared to the European average of 3,013.

Google sites remain first choice for consumers in October, with 346m unique visitors or 92% of all Internet consumers. Video-sharing website Vimeo is the fastest developing destination, with an audience growth of 49% from September 2011.