Twitter To Launch Brand Pages

Twitter Brand Advertising

Twitter is preparing the biggest change in design since its launch. Fly Twitter which will include new brand pages among other things, is going to be introduced over the next few weeks, however, brand new applications for Android, iPhone and TweetDeck were already presented last week.

Brand pages will allow more options for customisation, such as the size of the header. In addition, brands will be able to include photos and YouTube videos in Tweets, as well as decide which tweet to appear on top of the page. Initially, a group of 21 brands are going to take part in a trial of the new business-related pages, including Coca Cola, Pepsi, McDonalds, Heineken, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Nike.

The new design is centered around four key features, called Home, Connect, Discover and Me.

Home is where users will be able to view the most recent activity from people they follow, Connect gives users a chance to directly communicate with others, Discover provides users with the latest information about other users, even if they do not follow them, based on interests and location, whereas Me is the place where all personal details, interest, images and others are displayed.

So far, the only marketing option that Twitter provided were promoted tweets, so the launch of brand pages is likely to attract the attention of marketers globally. However, experts warn that Twitter needs to balance things carefully, as commercialisation of the micro-blog may provoke negative reactions from users.