Integrating Search With Other Media Proves Results

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Integration (mixing various channels) is a must for successful marketing, as most marketers are now well aware. And it’s continuing to prove results, according to a new study from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The IAB’s Search Marketing Barometer 2012 reveals that nearly two in three UK brands claim that integrating search with other media brings substantial benefits, although more than half of those polled admit that their top executives do not fully understand digital marketing.

The area where brands are most in the dark is attribution modelling, which observes and analyses a potential consumer’s behaviour online, with almost three in five brands saying they know nothing or very little about it.

Even though brands may not be feeling entirely comfortable with digital marketing, nearly two-thirds of the brands surveyed allocated more than 20% of their marketing budget to digital last year. In addition, many brands are set to increase spending in 2012, with almost half of them planning to invest more in both SEO and PPC, while 68% predict larger sums spent on social media.

Currently, one in three brands generate visits to websites thanks to paid and organic search but the vast majority, or 94% to be more precise, think that they can do more to integrate search into their campaigns overall.

Quite paradoxically, although 70% of the polled brands believe that search on mobile is likely to become more commonplace than desktop search by 2015, more than 40% still have no mobile-optimised website.