Negative Reviews Boost Brand Credibility

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Many brand owners and marketers are terrified by negative reviews and criticism posted on their sites, but a recent study from social commerce solutions provider Reevoo suggests that they should not be.

Contrary to popular belief that negativity might put off other consumers, the study shows that bad reviews can make people stay logged on to the site for longer and lead to better conversion rates. In addition they can improve consumers’ perception of the brand, as it is seen as more honest, open-minded and consumer-oriented.

The report, called “Bad reviews are good for business”, reveals that web pages featuring negative comments keep consumers’ attention four times longer than those which post only praise. Moreover, visitors to such sites are 70% more likely to spend on these brands, as bad reviews tend to boost their credibility.

Richard Anson, CEO of Reevoo, comments that although many retailers are not aware of it, posting negative comments from users is among the best strategies to boost conversion rates. By deliberately avoiding bad reviews, retailers inadvertently miss out on purchases as consumers become sceptical about too much praise, he explains.

The research shows that when consumers turn to comments, the number of those actually looking for bad comments is nearly twice as big as those who seek positive reviews. More than two in three polled say they trust reviews more when there are both opinions presented, while a staggering 95% think that entirely positive reviews appear due to censorship, rather than perfection of service.