UK Brands Get One Chance Only To Impress Consumers

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Hardly ever has competition between brands been more intense than it is now, as consumers have become savvy and careful about spending their money. According to a new survey out today, UK consumers rarely hesitate to switch to another brand if they are unhappy with the service they have received.

The poll, carried out by auto services provider Enterprise Rent-A-Car, shows that nearly two thirds of the 2,000 people polled would not turn to a brand if they have already been let down once.

Mike Nigro, UK managing director of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, comments that UK consumers have changed their perception of service and are not willing to tolerate below-standard service. If brands fail to provide quality service they are not likely to be given a second chance, he adds.

The poll reveals that more than four in five respondents consider helpful staff a key element in their decision to stick with a brand, while three quarters highly value employees’ ability to promptly solve problems. In addition, nearly two thirds quoted staff expertise on the products a major factor for engaging with a brand.

When asked about the qualities that might put them off, almost half of those polled cited rudeness, whereas one in three claimed they would not tolerate failure to sort out potential problems.

In terms of gender the survey points out that women put more stress on service than men, with 57% of the female and 45% of the male respondents sharing the opinion that service is of great importance.