65% Top UK Food Brands Run From Abroad

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British consumers have a tradition of supporting and preferring domestic businesses, especially when it comes to food, but things may be changing according to a new survey from research firm Nielsen and trade magazine The Grocer that was published today.

The study reveals that less than one in three of the UK’s favourite 150 food brands are based in the UK, with more than 100 of them run from overseas. The findings signal a major change in the domestic grocery market, stressing its international origins and the shift in consumer perception.

In fact, the top 150 brands come from 15 countries, including Germany, Japan, the US, France, Austria and Thailand. The list contains 91 brands that originated in the UK but only 36 of them are currently owned in Britain.

Some of the UK’s iconic brands have switched ownership and are now run from abroad. Cadbury’s is among the most prominent examples after it was taken over by US corporation Kraft for around £12bn. Meanwhile dairy group Wiseman is currently in the process of being sold to German giant Muller.

In an article commenting on the findings, The Grocer notes that many British consumers have criticised the move of UK food brands abroad. On the one hand, there are cases of jobs being axed, while on the other, some view the acquisitions as a way to dodge paying taxes in the UK. Whether this can affect sales, however, is yet to be revealed.