Brands To Get Access To Twitter Archive

Twitter Brand Advertising

With Facebook’s upcoming IPO and Google’s change of privacy policy, many users have been seriously concerned about their personal information being used for the wrong purposes.

This week it was announced that Twitter is providing businesses with the chance to get access to tweets posted on the microblogging site as far back as January 2010.

Companies will be charged £635 a month and will be granted access to search the full history of tweets over the past two years. Up to now, brands could get into the archive for the past 30 days only. In comparison, regular users can only search posts dating from a week ago.

Twitter said that the move aims to ensure that businesses establish a better, more personalised relationship with consumers which would ultimately result in mutual benefit for users and companies alike.

Tim Barker, marketing manager of Datasift, the company that has teamed up with Twitter on the project, says that the new service will help brands take into consideration what consumers think and react accordingly. These days businesses are defined by social media comments, so having access to those will improve brand performance on the one hand and boost customer satisfaction on the other, he explains.

Datasift will be processing the tweet archive and will pay a fee to Twitter whenever a company is provided with tweet history. The decision to cover all posts from two years ago stems from the fact that early in 2010 was the time when the microblog became mainstream. These days there are about 250 million tweets a day posted on the site.