Consumers Distracted By High-Tech Systems In Cars

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While car brands try to attract customers with a wide variety of functionalities and high-tech gadgets, a new survey from Which? among car users reveals that consumers are happy with simpler-to-use technology systems fitted in their vehicles.

The poll I came across this morning interviewed 1,000 people on their attitude towards the range of high-tech systems that can be found in modern vehicles, such as touchscreens, click wheels and dashboard buttons, with about a quarter of those polled having already owned such a system.

Results reveal that 72% of respondents claim they are distracted by having modern in-car technology systems and that this could interfere with their driving. However, the majority still think that having one of these systems is better than having none.

In order to find out which cars are the easiest to drive, Which? compared some of the systems from eight brands popular on the UK market, assessing them both while the car is in motion and it is still. The survey suggests that premium cars like Mercedes and BMW have systems that are the simplest to use and the least distracting, while at the same time these brands offer a full package of navigation, air-conditioning and communication devices. On the other hand, systems installed in popular cars like Peugeot and Ford prove quite difficult to operate.

Among the most confusing features of in-car systems is the fact that the same operation can be performed in a series of ways, which can have a negative impact on consumers’ attitude. Which? concludes that brands should aim to simplify the systems to ensure a less distracting experience.