Social Media Engagement Peaks On Sundays

AUK on Social Media Marketing

If you are a brand owner intent on making the most of social media, you might want to consider having a team ready for marketing action on Sundays, especially if your business involves FMCG or telecommunications. Why? Because it seems that consumers are at their most active on Sundays in terms of engagement with brands on Facebook, as we have found out from reports on Socialbakers’ research into the matter.

The social media and digital analytics company used data from activity on more than 10 million Facebook pages to come to that conclusion. One exception is the automotive sector, whose fans are most active on Tuesdays, but the general trend is for a Sunday engagement peak. In the case of FMCG companies, engagement rates on Sunday are 0.16% as opposed to 0.10% on Monday. Telecommunications brands have a score of 0.11% for Sunday against 0.06% for Tuesday.

Socialbakers also established that brands are becoming increasingly responsive to Facebook fan posts. Since last October, when just 5% of posts drew a reply, response rates have gone up by 15.5%.

Jan Rezab, chief executive of Socialbakers, said in comments on the study results that brands need to follow attentively research of this type so that they know when their audience is at its largest and marketing campaigns can reach more people. While it is important to interact with social media fans throughout the week, it makes sense to have the most compelling content uploaded at peak engagement times so as to maximise online buzz, Rezab noted.