34% of Consumers Use Social Media To Choose Beauty Products

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According to a recent report from market research group Mintel, more than one in three UK consumers (34%) rely on social media to help choose beauty and personal care products to buy.

A slightly higher proportion of consumers (37%) have interacted with beauty brands online and, of those, more than two thirds have visited the brand’s website.

Mintel says that the Internet and social platforms have facilitated spreading word of mouth, as statistics show that almost 60% of UK consumers log onto their Facebook accounts and 13% sign into Twitter at least once a day. Mintel finds that nearly 10 million people visit beauty and personal care brand websites, with almost 90% of them using Google to find more information about the products they are interested in.

In terms of platforms, Facebook comes as first choice for those who wish to contact a beauty brand or discuss one, with three in four people opting for the biggest social network. However, 65% of Facebook users tend to “like” or become a fan of a product, compared to just 24% who have posted a status update on Facebook relating to a beauty or personal care brand.

Not surprisingly, women buy beauty products more often but they are also more inclined to demonstrate their loyalty to a brand online. In addition, 20% of women are willing to try a new product, while just 13% of men would do so.