Pinterest Better For Online Sales Than Facebook

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Although still lagging behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of global user adoption, two of the relatively unknown players, Pinterest and Tumblr, have significant potential to influence and change social media advertising.

It may still be too early to draw conclusions on how dramatic the effect will be and in what ways the change is likely to take place, but it is sure to happen.

According to new research from, an online marketplace for fashion accessories, photo-sharing social platform Pinterest can attract customers and boost sales better than Facebook does.

The independent designer goods retailer was among the first to team up with Pinterest and in January this year it added the social site to its sharing tools, together with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, by introducing a button saying “Pin It”.

The retailer recently analysed social sharing over the past few months and its effect on sales and saw that Pinterest drives about 10% of all sales, compared to about 7% for Facebook. Moreover, consumers who bought goods on the website via Pinterest spent twice the amount of money that Facebook users do.

Meanwhile, a study from comScore reveals that consumers spend 89 minutes on both Pinterest and Tumblr on average. While this may seem unimpressive compared to the 405 minutes spent on Facebook, it is clearly a much better result than the 21 minutes users spend on Twitter and the three minutes they devote to Google+.