24% Polled Use Second Screen When Watching TV

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Our love for technology has grown to the point where a single device is no longer enough to scratch the itch. “Second screening” anyone? A growing number of consumers are getting into the habit of enjoying good old telly while using their computers, laptops or tablets to indulge in online activities.

And while this may sound like good news for advertisers, they would be well-advised to keep excessive enthusiasm in check since more than two-thirds of UK second screeners have no desire to receive targeted ads.

This is what I found out from an article in Marketing Week, which cites the findings of a survey conducted by Deloitte. The professional services firm has established that 68%, mostly from the younger pool of the sample, do not want to be sent real-time information from brands, advertisers or people associated with the TV content they are viewing.

Deloitte found that 24% of the poll participants used second screens. However, the proportion stood at 50% for those aged between 16 and 24. They use social networks and instant messaging programs to engage in discussions about the TV shows they are watching at that moment. Not surprisingly, such practices are out of favour with consumers in the over-55 age group, 79% of whom said they never discuss TV online.

According to Deloitte, second screeners are generally unwilling to interact with the makers of a television programme or a TV channel while watching. Only 40% said they appreciated the ability to send comments in real time.