British Mums Set To Keep Christmas Spirit Alive Despite Lower Budgets

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Recent research from Asda has found that, despite concerns about shrinking budgets, British mums are determined to do their best to help their children enjoy the spirit of Christmas and not let their financial hurdles spoil the celebrations.

According to Asda’s Mumdex poll, which approached 5,000 mums, almost half of them will have smaller Christmas budgets than before but will still try to make Christmas magical for the kids by buying fewer non-essential items. Despite the pressure mothers feel on income they will not compromise with presents, as 65% of them said they would allocate the same sum or even more to buy gifts for their children. A similar share of the panel (64%) have no plans to cut spending on products for Christmas dinner.

The survey further revealed that mums are still those who predominantly take care of preparations in the run-up to Christmas, with over three quarters of them claiming they take care of buying gifts and food and wrapping presents. On Christmas Day the situation is different as family members join to share the workload and just over half of mums say they are mostly responsible for the cooking.

Mums seem to crave spending more time with their families as just 14% of them claimed they are content with the amount of time they have with their kids. In order to stay in touch with families, some said they are embracing communications via Facebook and Twitter to compensate for their absence at home.