Some Trends That Will Shape The 2013 Digital Marketing World

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2013 will delight brands and advertisers with the chance to finally start making money from social media, thus reaping the full benefits of their presence on platforms like Facebook, according to a report from Millward Brown.

The media analyst has made a list of some of the major trends it expects to see in the digital space next year, with Facebook’s growing importance for brands being one of the key developments. Marketers are expected to flood Facebook with more creative, interactive and daring advertisements that will help them gain visibility and provide consumers with a richer and more vivid online experience.

Mobile technology is also forecast to strongly impact on marketers’ strategies and decisions. Brands are expected to capitalise on the growing use of such devices among consumers and take steps to communicate directly with potential customers through smartphones and tablets.

Another emerging trend is the shift towards pay-per-view or subscription-based content from the free-access, ad-supported business model. This will be chiefly fuelled by the falling audience numbers seen among traditional media channels, which will transform the market and make it more fragmented.

More and more brands are also expected to embark on an omnichannel approach to devise their marketing strategies. Thanks to innovations in technology, brands will seek to be present on as many channels as possible and reach consumers at all contact points to communicate with them in a more effective manner.

In-app advertising will also make a difference in the digital world, as brands will seek to use rich media to attract consumers.