Mamas & Papas Devotes New Ad Campaign To Modern Family

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Mamas & Papas, the UK-based retailer and manufacturer of prams, pushchairs, baby products and maternity wear, is launching an advertising campaign to promote its new Urbo pram by stressing the different forms a family can take and celebrating the new “normal”.

The campaign, dubbed “How We Roll”, is now displayed on the retailer’s website and shows real parents, including a gay couple and a single mother. According to the maternity specialist, the adverts reflect the “diversity and individualism” of the contemporary family, for whom becoming a parent is a natural extension of their life.

James and Glen with their son Blue; Claire, with her three-year old daughter Romy; and all other families participating in the adverts, tell their own stories that can be seen in separate videos available on the company’s website. The parents share with the world their interests, personalities and values in life.

Mamas & Papas has taken a multichannel approach for the campaign and will display the adverts on billboards, in stores and in the digital space. The ads can be seen in the UK, as well as overseas during the weekend. They will be tailored to each country and the part featuring the gay couple will not be available in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s creative director Olivia Robinson told the Guardian that the adverts come not just to provoke the public or call attention to the brand. They are guided by their view that parents are changing and family set ups can take various forms, she says.