What Digital Marketing Will Look Like In 2013

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With 2013 firmly under the desk, businesses are eager to understand more about the developments that will leave their mark on digital marketing this year. Here’s what Lara O’Reilly suggests marketers will see shaping the industry in 2013, as outlined an in article published by Marketing Week.

Since mobile phones are becoming an integral part of everyday life for consumers, it’s natural to see users demand more when it comes to mobile ads and the way brands target them. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft made a commitment to make ads more relevant and less annoying to mobile users. With the bar raised that high for all involved in digital and mobile advertising, we can expect mobile ads to be far more appealing in 2013, with businesses going far beyond poor quality banner ads.

Tactics aimed at targeting consumers are bound to become more complex next year as marketers will have easier access to information about the way consumers treat their content and products online, as well as how they interact with competitors. With more data available and more brands equipping themselves with single customer view systems, marketers are expected to devise strategies in tandem with the personal preferences of consumers.

Businesses from a broad range of industries will also seek to foster engagement and brand loyalty among consumers by taking inspiration from the video games industry. Brands are seen allocating over $2.8 billion for gamification techniques in 2016, according to research firm M2 Research.