More Than 90% Of Britons Don’t Trust Adverts Seen Online

AUK Advertising

A recent survey carried out by Adblock Plus, intended to sound out consumers’ attitude towards advertisements has shown at least 95% of people don’t trust commercials seen online, a trend that should spark serious concerns for brands counting on online ads as a means to boost profitability.

Just 2.8% of the people interviewed said they consider ads coming on their smartphones as trustworthy and another 5% said they trust online banner commercials, Fresh Business Thinking adds. A third of the 1,100 consumers polled said they trust ads seen on TV. Almost half of Britons have equipped their devices with adblocking software or are eager to find out how to surf the Internet without being interrupted by annoying ads.

Adblock Plus co-founder Till Faida considers that the lack of trust in online commercials poses a significant threat to the sustainability of websites and as such it should be addressed as soon as possible. He considers that owners of online sites should devise new strategies that will help them protect their financial metrics. They also need to be cautious when giving access to advertisers to post commercials on their websites, since inferior ads can undermine the site’s reputation and affect its own credibility and trustworthiness.

In a bid to achieve more advertising clicks, many websites overlook the long-term sustainability of their advertising revenue streams. They should adopt a more balanced approach to advertising, giving ad developers the chance to benefit from their creative content without annoying the audience and making them opt out of having ads displayed on their devices, Faida said.