Women Buy Products Online More Often Than Men

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A recent report from VoucherCodes.co.uk revealing that women are bigger fans of online shopping than men, particularly when it comes to clothing items.

The report, titled ‘The Future of Online Retail’, is based on responses from about 2,000 Britons and outlines some substantial differences in the buying preferences of the two sexes.

Just 19% of women have never bought clothes online, compared to 27% of men, the survey showed. Female shoppers are also more active when it comes to purchases across the different segments like groceries, furniture, beauty products, holidays, electronics and entertainment, as 19% of those interviewed said that they have bought such products in the past against 13% of their male counterparts.

Besides, one in two women plan to continue buying products from online retailers in the future. Men seem again more reluctant to embrace online shopping as just two in five said that they would purchase items online going forward.

Despite the strong growth of e-commerce, there are product segments that are yet to be tapped by consumers. Furniture is the least popular category with domestic Internet users, as 48% of respondents said that they have never bought a furniture item via the web. Groceries are amongst the items Britons avoid purchasing online as well, according to 45% of the panel, along with health and beauty products, which proved unpopular with 44% of the respondents. Entertainment products such as DVDs and CDs are the products bought online most often, as identified by 86% of the sample.