Mums Are The New Target Of Digital Marketers

Mums Consumer

New mothers are becoming the new type of consumer that digital marketers are now seeking to engage as they tend to use the Internet and new technology more frequently than the average Briton, according to a survey from parenting club Bounty.

The research has found that currently 80% of the mums approached for the purposes of the poll are active on social media platforms. Mothers subscribe to an average of eight and a half brands on the most popular social media channel, Facebook, with two-thirds of the sample claiming that vouchers and discounts are chiefly what make them like a brand on the platform. About 78% of new mothers also have a smartphone device, with the rate being considerably higher than the average 39% for Britons.

This could be an area with strong growth potential given the fact that more than 12% of online purchases are made through a mobile phone or a tablet, as the IMRG Capgemini e-retail sales index revealed recently.

Brands are also increasingly becoming aware of the fact that online advertising gives an opportunity for producing highly-targeted campaigns and more are beginning to capitalise on the trend. Recently, online retailer Morrisons sealed a million-pound deal to start using an advertising platform devised by the parenting website platform, which provides real-time feedback to allow the brand to quickly adapt its marketing campaign to the needs of new mothers. The platform is also used by food manufacturer Kellogg’s, which helps it understand mothers, get a clearer picture of what type of problems they encounter, what they get excited about and what they like to do, Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said.

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