Tips To Boost Facebook Page Visibility With Graph Search

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Facebook recently introduced its new tool, Graph Search, which gives users a new way to find people, places and things. The tool can be helpful for brands as it gives them the chance to extend their page, foster engagement and dominate users’ news feeds. A recent article from the Social Media Examiner outlines several steps that can help businesses make more connections with potential customers and become more visible on the site.

Selecting the right name may seem an easy task, but some brands can’t resist the temptation to stuff their company name with lots of keywords expecting that this will increase searchability. This can have the opposite effect though and make your name look more like spam, so sticking to the actual company’s name is the right solution.

Don’t forget to add information about your business in the About, Mission and Company Description sections. Use as many keywords as possible to make sure that your page will rank higher in Facebook search and search engines.

Previously, Facebook allowed only fan pages that have collected 25 likes to create a vanity URL, but this is already history. If you are yet to customise your URL, it’s time to do it now because search engines like URLs and it helps people find your business easier.

With Graph Search now available to everyone, Facebook still remains a social platform rather than a conventional search engine, which means that content delivered by brands such as posts, pictures, video and apps should be creative enough and make users share it with friends. It’s true that Graph Search will make your page more visible and searchable, but maintaining its social aspect is extremely vital.

Posting engaging status updates may please your fans, but you should know that they have a limited shelf life as they go down the page with time. At the same time, apps appear everytime a user revisits your page, so creating apps with a longer life, such as surveys, menus, newsletters, forms and e-books, will not only help your content live more, but also make more people share them over a longer period.