Embracing Digital Is Key To Success, Research Finds

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‘High digital performers’, or brands that are embracing mobile and online channels to communicate with consumers and promote their products, are more likely to enjoy higher revenues than those that are yet to adopt digital marketing.

According to a report I read this week from enterprise API management solutions provider Apigee, companies investing in APIs, apps and other online tools exhibit better results than their rivals. Besides, high digital performers have easier access to the market, deliver higher performance margins and enjoy higher customer satisfaction.

Apigee has used responses from 200 IT and marketing executives in large companies for the purposes of its report. Nearly all (99%) of the respondents considered that building digital capabilities is key to securing overall success over the next year and also a solid or even greater success over the next five years.

According to 60% of top digital performers, digital initiatives will have a huge impact on their performance in the coming 12 months against just 15% of weaker digital performers. Some 62% of high digital performers expect the digital tools they have utilised to have a bigger impact on overall enterprise results over the next five years compared to 23% of those who are not focused on online outlets.

Nearly six in 10 respondents also predicted that in five years’ time their market position will strengthen thanks to digital technology, more than twice the number of the weakest digital performers.

According to 63% of marketing executives, financial results are the most likely to benefit from digital activities. The second top area of impact is brand reinforcement, mentioned by 58% of the panel.