10% Of Facebook Accounts Don’t Belong To Humans

Facebook social media mum consumer

Many people like creating a social media page for their pet and I have often wondered how many dogs, cats and hamsters are on Facebook. I have read a report from researcher eMarketer, which claimed that more than 10% of users with an account on the social website are not human.

There are at least 100 million users on Facebook that are pets, brands or even toasters, which means that out of the website’s 1.1 billion reported users, only 889.3 million are human.

According to estimates provided by the social medium in its latest quarterly reports, Facebook had 1.11 billion active monthly users at the end of March 2013. eMarketer, however, claims that the networking site will not reach that number of human users at least until 2014.

Facebook is currently enjoying the biggest surge of newcomers from India, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. This year, each of these markets is forecast to see a 30% uptick in Facebook usage. By contrast, growth in the US, the UK and western Europe is much slower than in emerging markets. Although half of the population in both the US and the UK will log on to Facebook regularly this year, they will tend to spend less and less time on the channel. In western Europe, only 37% of consumers actively use Facebook as many people in France, Italy and Germany are not zealous fans of the social media giant.

Globally, Facebook users will account for 54.7% of Internet users by 2017 compared to 42.6% in 2013, eMarketer also predicted.