45% Of Consumers Willing To Share Private Data In Return For More Relevant Ads

AUK Advertising

Some 45% of people across the globe wouldn’t mind exchanging all of their online private data, collected over a six-month period, for ads that better correspond to their interests, according to new research.

The survey was conducted by Microsoft partnered with IPG Mediabrands, polling over 8,000 consumers in eight countries, namely the UK, US, Sweden, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Brazil and China.

Over the next couple of years, technology will start to play a more important role in people’s everyday lives and also become more useful to their needs. People are getting more and more comfortable with technology and, as they realise the value of their personal data, they are likely to change their position and take on an active rather than passive role in creating digital experiences, the researchers claim.

The poll also reveals that nearly one in six respondents would be more eager to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides a prize in return for their private data. This implies that companies should strive not only to generate an ad impression, but also think of measures to engage and reward consumers for their willingness to share this private information.

As far as data tracking goes, 36% of the sample admitted they would be happy to have their digital behaviour monitored for the sake of receiving a more personalised shopping experience.

Nearly half (48%) of respondents are confident that their digital information does provide a better service. This is a motive for 45% of consumers to consider selling their private data to brands in the future.