Facebooks Active Advertisers Reach 1M


This week, Facebook once again made the headlines after revealing that it has recorded its one millionth active advertiser. This major milestone, announced by Facebook director of small business Dan Levy, has been achieved thanks to the growing interest of small company owners in promoting their products on the platform, the social media giant said.

This group of advertisers also includes larger global brands that are supplementing their marketing activities with advertising on Facebook.

Bringing in more small businesses to advertise on the platform has been amongst Facebook’s main goals, as the networking site is looking to diversify and localise its income sources. In an attempt to win smaller advertisers’ attention, Facebook recently allowed businesses to create free pages to promote anything they wish.

Earlier in June, the social media service said it would try to simplify its advertising products, closing half of its ad units by end-2013 as a result. The move came in response to marketers’ feedback, which revealed the products Facebook uses are too sophisticated and therefore redundant.

In April, Facebook said it had reached 1.2 billion connections between consumers and local business in the European Union, of which 295 million were made in the UK alone, the Next Web reports. Each week, pages set up by local businesses in the EU are viewed 270 million times on average, including 55 million times in the UK, Facebook said in March, adding that 61% of its active users in both the EU and the UK have ‘liked’ a local business page on the site.