Global Mobile Media Spend To Hit $200Bn By 2017

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I came across a report from Strategy Analytics predicting that by 2017, global mobile media spending will hit $200 billion, surging from $161 billion in 2012.

The consultancy and marketing intelligence provider says, in its research titled: Global Mobile Media Forecast: 2001-2017, that handset browsing, mobile applications, mobile games, music, video, TV, ringtones, wallpapers and alerts will see exponential growth over the next couple of years, which explains the predicted vast increase in mobile media spend.

At the same time, mobile advertising will become a critical revenue stream for marketers, zooming more than threefold to $42 billion and capturing an 18% share in total mobile media spending.

According to Strategy Analysts’ vice president David Kerr, mobile devices will keep featuring high on marketers’ digital advertising agendas. Besides, companies such as Google are already putting efforts in to facilitate advertisers’ campaigns on mobile devices, while social platforms like Facebook generate a substantial part of their digital revenues from mobile. For Kerr, this highlights advertisers’ increasing demand for targeted mobile marketing via popular social channels.

In recent years, there has also been a notable shift from PCs to mobile, fuelled by major online players such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook, which not only control the phone, but the future of such devices as well, Enders Analytics consultant Benedict Evans told Media360 recently.

By 2017, media consumption will reach a point where mobile and technology will be no longer two different things as three quarters of adults will be equipped with a smartphone, he said.