22% Of Companies Yet To Jump On The Mobile Bandwagon

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22% of companies across the UK have taken no measures to build their presence in the mobile world, thus missing out on an unlimited number of opportunities offered by the channel to engage with their customers.

Econsultancy approached 500 business professionals for the purposes of its Reducing Customer Struggle Report, finding that 55% of companies have already made their websites mobile-friendly. Some 44% use iPhone apps, 33% have one for Android and 26% have an iPad app.

Over 70% of respondents said that they receive 10% of traffic from mobile, which is 20% more than they revealed a year ago. Another 40% said mobile contributes over 20% to traffic against just 17% in 2012.

Asked about the techniques they use to allow their website to render well on mobile devices, 46% of organisations pointed to responsive design (client-side) and 41% said they use a mobile-specific development platform. A third of respondents said they have used HTML 5 to develop mobile products and 22% said they rely on adaptive design (server-side).

Econsultancy also wanted to know how consumers use mobile devices to interact with brands. Some 60% of companies have found that customers research items via their gadgets to buy them online later. Another 48% have evidence that customers make purchases via their devices, while 17% said their customers use mobile devices for in-store product research.