How To Use Pinterest To Engage Mums

Pinterest Social Media Advertising

Many mums in the UK now spend part of their free time on Pinterest every day. This is great news for marketers given the fact that users, not brands, contribute to 70% of brand engagement on the platform. But it seems that interacting with mothers on Pinterest is not an easy task, as the risk of being branded ‘too promotional’ is quite high. A recent article on Business2Community revealing some tricks that could help brands better engage with mums on Pinterest – this could be extremely useful for marketers seeking to capitalise on the medium.

Various researches have confirmed that mothers are more likely to engage with a brand that delivers content related to topics they love and, as a result, pin about them more often. This means that in order to build a Pinterest strategy in line with mums’ interests, marketers must give them content they know and like, Chelsea Amaral of party planning service Punchbowl recommends, hinting that home décor, fashion, DIY, crafts and kids would be the major topics they might focus on to grab the attention of mothers.

Mums log on to Pinterest to search for ideas and inspiration. This gives brands room to experiment with content and provide solutions for mothers looking to find out more about parenting or seeking recipes for a specifically themed party, for example. Giving valuable information in a way that spurs mums’ desire to purchase or complete DIY activities will not only boost their engagement, but also give them a good reason to return to your brand’s page on Pinterest again.

The purpose of using Pinterest for marketing is winning mums’ attention immediately and the best way to do that is by using images rather than text. For engaging on social media, pictures speak louder than words, so coming up with eye-catching visuals seems to be the way forward. And as many mothers use Pinterest on a daily basis, marketers shouldn’t forget to update their images regularly; seeing the same ones every day could bore users and make them stop visiting your page.

Timing is also important, especially around holidays when mums browse for seasonal content such as gift ideas, recipes and decorations. Preparing a holiday board that features the best ideas might help to give mothers exactly what they are searching for.