Health And Well-Being Products See 319% Rise

Health wellbeing product consumer marketing

Results of a recent study from price comparison provider Become Europe, revealing the types of products UK online shoppers rushed to buy this spring. According to the research, items in the health and well-being category showed strongest growth in online traffic, mainly as a result of the unusually cold weather that gripped much of the country in the first couple of months of the year.

Based on an analysis of visits to 400 UK shops, Become Europe found that online traffic to the health and well-being categories of e-commerce websites saw a 319% lift compared with the same period the previous year. Traffic was especially strong to online stores offering vitamins, cold remedies and diet and nutrition products, as Britons looked for medicines to help them stay healthy and aid their immune system in the chilly temperatures. While the segment generally performs strongly anyway, the significant rise demonstrates how freezing weather can stimulate more concentrated spending on feel-good products, Become Europe’s general manager Michael Rausch commented.

The cold weather, however, had an unfavourable impact on the home and garden segment, where traffic slipped 61% on the year. The decline was not surprising and it would have been more than unusual if seasonal products such as barbeques delivered strong growth this spring, Rausch said.

Poor weather traditionally leads to a rise in online trade as consumers prefer to stay at home and shop via their laptops or mobile devices rather than brave the freezing temperatures. Retailers should always be ready to change promotions and products to comply with consumers’ needs.