Facebook Rolls Out Verified Profiles And Pages

Facebook social user

It is good to hear that Facebook is moving to increase confidence among users that the brands they engage with are exactly who or what they say they are. The social media platform has rolled out a verified program for profiles and pages created on the site, in an effort to curb fake and unauthorised pages of celebrities, businesses and high-profile people.

The program will add verification badges to Facebook profiles and pages to confirm that they have actually been created by the company or person in question. The badges are similar to those already used by micro-blogging social networking channel Twitter, which verifies that profiles have an authentic identity. Facebook is using a small blue circle with a white check mark inside it next to the names of the company or person to prove that they are who they claim to be.

The badge will appear near the name of the verified pages in Timeline and will be also visible when hovering over the page’s name. Also when a Facebook subscriber researches a brand they like or a celebrity they wish to follow, verified profiles and pages will appear first on their lists. They will be also available in ‘Pages you may like’ suggestions and in news feed ads.

Company owners and page admins who are still to have their pages verified do not need to take any action. Facebook is promising that it will add the badge to all pages that are ‘at the greatest risk of duplication’ in the ‘coming days’.